Why Totani?

Why Choose Totani's Pouch Making Machine?

There is an obvious reason why Totani has earned a reputation as a leading manufacturer of pouch making machines from companies around the world. It is because Totani's pouch making machines are efficient, durable, and capable of producing the highest quality pouches at high speed.
The main mechanism of Totani's pouch making machines incorporates a number of proprietary technologies. Here we introduce the features of Totani's unique technologies as well as the reasons why Totani's pouch making machines are chosen.

Our unique technologies (1) Film feed control section

The film feed control section is equipped with unique mechanisms such as powder brakes,Air shaft,etc. These mechanisms are the key to high-speed thin film transport control.

Film feed control section

Our unique technologies (2) Heat sealing and cooling section

The heat sealing and cooling sections are the key mechanisms for achieving both high-speed pouch making and seal quality.Totani is committed to seal strength and quality.

Heat sealing and cooling section

Our unique technologies (3) Film position control and cut section

Film position control and cut section

Our unique technologies (4) Operation Adjustment & management

We introduce a mechanism that supports the efficiency of operations, such as the management of information on the packing of boxes after pouch making and operations.

OperationAdjustment & management

Our unique technologies (5) Options/Others

Totani offers options to increase the operating efficiency of puch making machines and add value to pouches.