Why Totani?

Double Cut System

Film position control and cut section
Totani's own Double Cut System controls the quality of rounding work at bag corner.

Overview and Feature

Totani's own Double Cut System

The Double Cut System, which is the in-line corner cut technology by the Cutter Control System specific to Totani's bag & pouch making machine, enables beautiful finish, without generating burrs in corner cut unit. This technology aims to ensure safety of consumers and improve the value of the merchandise.

The beautiful finish is realized by the high-precision CCD camera which monitors the shape of corner cut (the image is analyzed by computer), the Cutter Control System which controls film/cutter locations accurately with a servo motor.

This system does not solely finish bag corner beautifully,*Remove the Double Cut System can reduce film chip to only 0.6 mm (0.6 to 2.0 mm can be set arbitrarily)! For example, in bag making in 100-mm pitch, the total film loss is only 0.6%! In bag making in 200-mm pitch, the loss is only 0.3%! Totani's machine can save film and cut bag corner roundly, safely and beautifully.

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