Environmental Initiatives

Environmentally-friendly manufacturing...

Totani’s concept in the head office building is, "Reduction of environmental impact".Our office building incorporates this concept by utilizing environmentally conscious ideas - such as electric power savings by using a Photocatalytic paint system and water savings by using well water, introduction of a ventilation system with little change in room temperature, and use of highly advanced heat rejection glass, saving energy. Photo catalytic paint contributes to air purification and is used inside/outside the building because it is excellent at eodorization and has antibacterial, and antifouling properties.


Environmental Initiatives 1

Solar panels were installed on the south side of the head office building.
The approximately 10KW of electricity generated by the solar panels is used as the power source for the company building. Photocatalytic paint is used on the interior and exterior walls of the building to achieve deodorizing, antibacterial, and antifouling effects inside the building. This improves the working environment for workers.

Environmental Initiatives 2

Rainwater and well water are stored underground to conserve water resources. The water is used for a "water basin" that contributes to the local landscape and gives visitors a refreshing feeling, and is also used for sprinkling water and for toilet use, thereby conserving water resources.
The rainwater cistern that supplies water to this "water basin" can store 40 tons of water and also contributes to the safety of the community as a fire prevention water tank.

Environmental Initiatives 3

A highly circular architectural plan with open courtyards and terraces has the disadvantage of low thermal insulation due to the large number of openings. To eliminate this disadvantage, highly insulated pair glass was used for all openings.
In addition, the entire building is designed to conserve energy, together with the high thermal insulation design of the exterior walls and roof, and the fine energy control by "motion sensors" installed in the hallways and halls.

Environmental Initiatives 4

The parking lot at the headquarters is not just a space to park cars, but a "green parking lot" that is integrated with the surrounding zelkova trees and plantings. Grass is planted between the interlocking blocks to absorb CO2, mitigate the heat island effect, and control rainwater drainage.

Environmental Initiatives 5

Waste oil and grease discharged when assembling pouch making machines, plastic film from adjusting pouch making machines, recyclable paper and plastic, empty cans, and other waste materials are recycled and reused as resources.
All documents such as external order forms, delivery slips, and invoices are also processed online. We are trying to save resources and reduce waste by eliminating unnecessary "paper resources" as much as possible.

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