ST-30Spout inserter


ST-30 has the capability to mount plastic molded spouts
at a maximum speed of 60CPM - the world's highest speed.

8servo system

Maximum cycle: 60 CPM

  • *The above mentioned maximum mechanical speed is based upon specific test conditions we have made. Actual production speed is dependent upon film, spout and other factors.

Quick Changeover & Stable High Speed Production

  • Newly improved and independent servo motor control system for sealers and cooler.
  • Improved spout and pouch positioning accuracy.
  • Inline inspection system by image sensor with CCD camera (OPTION).

Product Features

Compared to previous models, our new cutting-edge spout inserter "ST-30" provides a higher level of spout positioning precision and seal strength as well as wider angles of spout insertions, leading to increased productivity.

Outline Designed to insert spouts into pouches for detergent refills, juice, and dietary supplements, and to be applicable to polypropylene-based film pouches.
Spout sealing capacity Our standard servomotor control system (for five servomotors) allows the insertion of spouts into polyethylene pouches at a rate of 60 spouts per minute.
Advantage The ST-30 Spout Inserter inherits from the well-reputed "ST-24" equipped with TOTANI's proprietary "preheating function" that preheats spouts _to make them fit well to material and eventually to stabilize seal strength. Furthermore, the ST-30 incorporates TOTANI's newly developed "pouch positioning device" to improve more accurate spout positioning, as well as servomotors to operate the heat seal unit and cooling unit. These upgrades achieve beautiful seal finish, stable seal strength, and an even higher level of positioning precision. An inspection process with image processing has newly been added to enhance operating efficiency.

The maximum cycle per minute described is verified under the certain conditions.
Actual production speed may vary depending upon materials and others.
Please consult with sales dept. for further information.

Detailed Information: TOTAN's Independently-developed
Spout Inserter Technologies

The TOTANI's new cutting-edge spout inserter "ST-30" incorporates not only its proprietary and reputable "preheating function," but also the following independently-developed technologies:

Pouch Making Sizes and Shapes

  • ST-30

    Spout installation position and Pouch size range

    W (Pouch width) :80 mm to 300 mm
    L (Pouch height) :140 mm to 380 mm (Center Spout : 120 mm to 380 mm)
    T (top seal length) :200 mm
    *Spout installation position: At 20 degrees to 90 degrees on pouch corner. (At 90 degrees is at the top of the pouch.)
    **Size of Pouch will be limited when the spout is positioned diagonally.
    *If T(top seal length) is too long to be sealed at ST-30, some sealing area of T must be sealed in advance at pouch making machine.

*Bag sizes referenced above utilize optional devices.

Pouch flow chart

ST-30 Pouch flow chart

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