Proposals from Totani

Proposal 2: Totani proposes pouches excellent in safety

Are pouches manufactured by your pouch making machine safe?

You may get injured from pouch corner!

Throughout our lifetime, we will encounter many plastic pouches manufactured on different pouch making machines. Chances are, you or someone you know, has been injured by a sharp corner of a pouch or a burr left by a round corner pouch.

The main design behind a pouch is for the storage of a product, but a true high-quality pouch design takes users' safety and comfort into consideration. Totani's pouch making machines do not sacrifice pouch safety for improvement of productivity (high speed), or commercial pouch value.

Only Totani's in-line pouch making machines can eliminate burrs on the corner cut unit completely. Our technology to improve safety is introduced here.

Take a look at the performance of Totani’s pouch making machines that safe-guard your customers and ensure reliability of your products!