CT-60DLLSCHigh-speed, half fold fusion,
automatic 1-line bag making machine with standing pouch and zipper seal units


240 CPM! Amazing speed with the great quality.

4servo system

Maximum pouch making shot:

  • 240 CPM
  • 200 CPM (zipper seal pouch making)
  • *Pouch making capacity depends on film material and thickness.

The best choice for half folded bags

  • Three main frame lengths are available to accommodate your specific use and available spaces.
  • Capable of having print on the bottom gusset in alignment with the front and back print.
  • Totani‚Äôs original water-cooled sealing plate is used in the zipper seal unit to give a beautiful finish to the pouches.

Product Features

This is a High speed stand-up or flat pouch making machine for the production of large format pouches or bags. By V-Folding a single web, print registration is possible for front and back panels and gusset (when applicable). Gusseting equipment and corner sealing is available for forming a bottom gusset. Stand-up or flat Pouches made on this machine have uses including the packaging of pet foods, cereals, daily necessities, house hold cleaning products, mulch, insecticide, fertilizer, seeds and others. Totani's design produces large Capacity, High Quality, and Stand Up Pouches with or without zipper closure.

Totani's unique (4) "servo motor control system" provides high speed stand-up or flat pouch making at speeds of 240 CPM*, producing exceptional looking, high strength seals.
Totani's original "Water Cooled" zipper sealing plate, supplied as standard equipment, provides an exceptional looking high quality zipper seal.
*Pouch making capacity depends on film material and thickness.

Most laminated films are acceptable for the manufacture of food grade and daily goods pouches.

The maximum cycle per minute described is verified under the certain conditions.
Actual production speed may vary depending upon materials and others. Please consult with sales dept. for further information.

Pouch Making Sizes and Shapes

  • CT-60DLLSC

    Zipper bags
    1-line (without gusset)

    W (Bag width) :60 mm to 450 mm
    L (Bag length) :200 mm to 600 mm
  • CT-60DLLSC

    Standing pouch with zipper bag making
    1-line gusset bag making

    W (Bag width) :60 mm to 450 mm*
    L (Bag length) :200 mm to 600 mm-G
    G (Bottom gusset
    depth-gusset fold width)
    :25 mm to 100 mm

    *Corner sealing of bottom gusset is available under bag width 410 mm

*Bag sizes referenced above utilize optional devices.

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