BH-60DLLSHigh-speed, three-side-seal, automatic pouch making machine [ with stand-up pouch unit ]


Dual-servo for film feed drive and one-servo
for heat-sealer vertical drive

3servo system

Maximum pouch making shot:

  • 240 CPM (three-side-seal pouch making)
  • 240 CPM (standing pouch making)
  • *300 CPM is available by additional equipments. (three-side-seal pouch making)
  • *Pouch making capacity depends on film material and thickness.

Stand-out stand-ups at incredible speeds

  • Standing pouch making at an outstanding high-speed of 240 CPM *300 CPM is available by additional equipments.
  • Three main frame lengths are available to accommodate your specific use and available spaces.
  • Available with optional servo drive for the film feed roller unit.

Product Features

With three servos *1, the "Sealing time" setting *2 allows the operator to set the dwell time independently from the film draw speed to provide the sealing time necessary for standing pouch making at an outstanding high-speed of 240 CPM.(Can be made at 300 CPM by Option)

Capabilities of up to 4-lane pouch making for Three-Side-Seal pouches can produce up to 960 pouches/minute. 2-lane Stand-Up pouch making can produce up to 480 pouches/minute.

Standard easy job set up features are all incorporated, such as easy access to any function, auto photo-eye set up, job data storage system, faulty pouch rejection system, wait time feature to reduce loss of film, splice rejection system, and more.

The maximum cycle per minute described is verified under the certain conditions.
Actual production speed may vary depending upon materials and others. Please consult with sales dept. for further information.

Pouch Making Sizes and Shapes

  • BH-60DLLS

    Standing Pouch 2-line bag making (1- line pouch making is also possible)

    W (Pouch width) :60 mm to 250 mm*1
    L (Pouch length) :120 mm to 290 mm (2-line pouch making)
     240 mm to 540 mm (1-line pouch making)
    G (Bottom gusset depth) :20 mm to 45 mm (70 mm)*2
    A (Bottom punch diameter[Standard]) :15 mm*3

    *1 Maximum pouch length is controlled by equipment fitted to cross heat sealer unit and effective length of cross heat sealer unit. Therefore, the maximum pouch widths shown above are not the pouch making capacity with full equipment.

    *2 For bottom gusset depth over 45 mm the wide longitudinal heat sealer (90 mm wide) is required. With the 60 mm wide longitudinal heat sealer the normal maximum bottom gusset depth is about 45 mm.

    *3 Bottom punch equipment with a hole pitch of 30 mm can be used as 2-hole bottom punch equipment. **See page 4 for three-side-seal pouch making.

*Bag sizes referenced above utilize optional devices.

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