BH-60DHigh-speed, three-side-seal, automatic pouch making machine


Dual-servo for film feed drive and one-servo
for heat-sealer vertical drive

3servo system

Maximum pouch making shot: 240 CPM

  • *300 CPM is available by additional equipments.
  • *Pouch making capacity depends on film material and thickness.

Totani’s leading machine to meet future demand

  • Three main frame lengths are available to accommodate your specific use and available spaces.
  • Available with optional servo drive for the film feed roller unit (4 servo drive model).
  • Available with future options such as the cutter control system and the cutter servo drive.

Product Features

The attraction of Totani's 3-servo system lies in separate control of film feed and vertical heat-sealer drives. Using the "Sealing Time setting function" and "Sealing Waiting Time function", allows for a quicker setup at low speed and a ramp to high speed, without changing acceleration, to give high-speed bag making at up to 240 CPM*.
* With additional option, the machine can run up to 300 cpm.

In addition, the roll film shaft is an air shaft, which makes film roll changes very easy.

"Remote Management and Maintenance System (Optional)" and "Cutter Control System(Optional) (for making corner cuts, etc.)" make this the champion of forward-looking three-side-seal pouch making machines.

The maximum cycle per minute described is verified under the certain conditions.
Actual production speed may vary depending upon materials and others.
Please consult with sales dept. for further information.

Pouch Making Sizes and Shapes

  • BH-60D

    Bottom Seal
    (4-line bottom seal case illustrated)

    L1 (Pouch length) :2-strike 60 mm to 300 mm
     1-strike 500 mm max.
    W1 (Pouch width) :75 mm to 600 mm
    S1 (Seal width) :50 mm max.
    S2 (Seal width) :25 mm max.

    *Longitudinal heat sealer length controls maximum feed length. Longitudinal seal is 1-strike if feed length is 300 mm or more. An optional double feed unit should be used if 2-strike is required.

    *Slitting line shown thus ---------

  • BH-60D

    Side Seal
    (4-row side seal case illustrated)

    L2 (Pouch length) :60 mm to 600 mm
    W2 (Pouch width) :2-strike 300 mm max.
     1-strike 500 mm max.
    S3 (Seal width) :25 mm max.
    S4 (Seal width) :25 mm max.

    *Maximum pouch length is controlled by equipment fitted to cross heat sealer unit and effective length of cross heat sealer unit. Therefore, the maximum pouch widths shown above are not the pouch making capacity with full equipment.

*Bag sizes referenced above utilize optional devices.

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