Warranty of Totani's pouch making machine

What is the warranty period and coverage of Totani's pouch making machine.
For the domestic products, on-site repair labor is offered for one year. All parts, except expendable parts such as blade and punch blade, are, warranted for 3 years. The above warranty period is the longest in packaging machinery industry.

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When a failure is found in Totani's products, how are we informed?
You are informed not only by direct mail, telephone and facsimile, but also through this site.
We got Totani's pouch making machine through resale. In this case, is its warranty offered? Are its repair request and the order of expendable parts accepted?
Generally, the responsible officials in the resale side and purchase side need to inform us. As it is a used machine, its warranty is not offered. However, billable service, including maintenance, is offered in response to your request.
What is Totani's after-sales service and warranty policy.
Please refer to the "Product Information: After-sales Service" site.