Maintenance of Totani's pouch making machine

Does Totani's pouch making machine come with instruction manual and maintenance manual?
Yes. The manuals contain the explanations of the machinery and operation screens of Totani's pouch making machine and the instruction manuals of main used marketed products. They are substantial in comparison with the other companies.
Can Totani install, adjust, or test drive the machine?
Yes, Totani can do not only within Japan but also in overseas except war zone or hazardous warlike area.
Can we get maintenance advices by facsimile, telephone or e-mail?
Yes. We use the most suitable method to our explanation and your convenience to give maintenance advices.
When a problem occurs on a Totani machine, that the customer cannot solve, can the customer get on -site repair service?
Yes, not only within Japan but also in overseas. There are sales/service offices in the United States, Europe and China as for the other areas, Totani's employees visit the site.