Machine Accuracy and Safety Management

According to Totani’s website, the height of the Thompson blade can be adjusted in unit of micron meter. Is it true?
Kiss Touch, in which the Thompson blade for cutting out touches the bottom rack as if the blade kissed the rack, allows fine control of the blade. The blade height must be adjusted in unit of micron meter (not millimeter), in order to cut 100 to 200 micron film reliably without injuring the bottom rack and Thompson blade.
Totani’s machines have blades and high-temperature heaters. We are curious about the safety measure for them.
It is true that blades and heaters moving vertically at high speed are dangerous. However, the air cylinder included in Totani’s pouch making machine as standard equipment, transfers cutting power when people put their fingers or hard objects in the way by mistake. And, generally, the safety measure of heater is very difficult because the bar for sealing must be frequently exchanged. However, sufficient safety is secured in Totani’s machines because they are designed so that space cannot be too large in the vertical motion of heater.