Sealing Technology

Can the temperature of heater used for sealing be set easily?
Yes. The temperatures of all the heaters are displayed with their numbers on the control unit screen. The displayed heater is turned on (ON) by moving cursor to the side of the heater and pushing a switch. The heater is turned off (OFF) by pushing the switch once more. The ON/OFF states of the heater can be confirmed in its color.
Can the sealing time be set easily?
Yes. Sealing time can be increased or decreased easily by pointing to the indication of “Sealing” and pushing the + or – switch.
According to Totani’s Website, Totani’s own ingenuity is used in the heater for sealing of Totani’s pouch making machine.
Totani’s pouch making machine is equipped with Heat Pipe in its heater for sealing. The temperature of the surface of the seal bar drops rapidly in comparison with the other parts in sealing because heat is taken from the seal bar by the film. Highly thermal conductive material and Heat Pipe which facilitates thermal conduction are useful to recover the temperature.
In the catalog, a cooler is seen after the heater for sealing. Let us know the mechanism of the cooler.
It is a cooling plate made of highly thermal conductive aluminum alloy. There is water passage inside it, where residual heat of welded sealing surface is absorbed.
When zipper was used to seal pouch in the previous machines, film around it could shrink, which led to defective goods. How about Totani’s pouch making machine?
It is true that, when zipper is used to seal the top of pouch in the machines which have no countermeasure against shrinkage, film around the zipper could shrink. Totani’s pouch making machine is equipped with a Zipper Seal Plate which uses a forced cooling method, in order to solve this problem. It prevents shrinkage and overheating, even when pouches are sealed with zipper continuously.