In the photo, Totani’s pouch making machine is quite long. How does this long machine feed thin film material at high speed?
All Totani's pouch making machines use a servo motor to feed film accurately. Tension is controlled automatically every time film is fed. Totani's original servo motor control technology and tension control technology allow the long machine to accurately control film.
On Totani's Website and catalog, there are descriptions of 3-servo. What is servo?
Servo stands for servo motor. The difference between the servo motor and other motor is not only that the rotational velocity of servo motor is higher than that of usual motor, but also that the servo motor can change its rotational velocity freely in one cycle, following the instructions of computer.
What does 3-servo control?
In the case of three-side-seal pouch making machine, one servo controls vertical motion of heater and two servos control rubber rollers to accurately feed film, to manufacture pouches with a high degree of accuracy.
What is the difference between 3-servo and 4-servo? What are their merits?
In the case of three-side-seal pouch making machine, the standard model machines have 3 servos. When they are equipped with optional zipper unit, the machine becomes longer. In that case, as film stretches or shrinks, feeding film for a long distance without control causes problems such as film meandering. Therefore, rubber rollers that grip and feed film are added and film tension between rubber rollers is controlled automatically. A servo motor is added (4-servo) to drive the rubber rollers.
Is 4-servo Totani’s original mechanism?
Yes. Very few 4-servo machines are included on models from other companies. A 4-servo machine is likely to be considered as a special specification in the other many manufacturers. Totani handles 4-servo machine as optional equipment, and many 4-servo machines made by Totani are on the market. Totani also handles a 5-servo machine and 6-servo machine.
Is there any Totani model that can adjust sealing time and film feed velocity separately?
Almost all current pouch making machines made by Totani can control sealing time and film feed separately. Totani introduced the concept of waiting time into the control of sealing time for the first time. Sealing waiting time is Totani’s patent.
Totani’s original control systems such as [Sealing waiting time], [Sealing time setting function] and [Powder Brake] are seen at Totani’s Web site.
For details, refer to the “Why TOTANI?” site.
What can be set, monitored or managed in operation through control panel?
The basic items such as sealing time, film feed acceleration, waiting time and temperature can be set. The basic problems such as disconnection and abnormal servo motor are displayed on the screen item by item to issue warning for them.
To what extent are the settings specific to pouch making machine automated?
The setting screens, which were used once in the past, can be used infinitely often by saving them on personal computer. The screens which are not used very frequently can be printed out. And, as an extra option, one personal computer can be used to unify management and setting of multiple pouch making machines online.
There are descriptions of high-speed pouch making. Let us know the speed of pouch making by Totani’s machines.
For details of the speeds of pouch making by Totani's models, refer to the "Products" site.