Basic Mechanism

In the photo, Totani's pouch making machine is quite long. Why?
The pouch making machine pulls out, processes and then cuts roll film to manufacture one pouch. During this period, the film is not separate. Whatever the pouch shape is, after the film is pulled out, horizontal or vertical sealing is performed while it is bent or its center is cut. To increase productivity, sealing is performed more than once along one sealing line. In doing so, space must be kept between heaters. Thus, the machine is longer. And, as various option devices are installed to make high value-added pouches, space must be allowed for them.
Let us know the basic process flow of pouch making
In the case of three-side-seal pouch, roll film is accurately cut to separate the film into two vertical sheets. Continuous film feed flow is converted into intermittent film flow through the dancer device. The film stops for a minute while sealing the surface parallel to film flow. The sealed surface is cooled in the next intermittent feed, and sealing is performed on the sealing surface perpendicular to film flow. In typical three-side-seal pouches, sealing must be performed at least two times. In the case of pouches for retort food or refillable cleanser, sealing is performed three to four times. Generally, in a high-speed operation, cooling is performed two times. Finally, printing position is detected, and film is cut sheet by sheet accurately in accordance with desired pouch dimension to complete pouches.
Is film material cut into rough desired dimension before it is processed (e.g., sealing)?
Fundamentally, yes. As for three-side-seal pouch, in the case of 1-line, film is cut in the width of (pouch dimension x 2) + a, and in the case of many lines, film is cut in the width of (pouch dimension x 2) x line number + a. As center press-seal pouch only takes 1-line, film is cut in the width of (pouch width + sealing width) x 2 + a.
Two to three horizontal heaters are seen. Is one heater insufficient?
Fundamentally, film can be welded with a single sealing. In that case, sealing takes too much time. Generally, sealing more than once is preferred in order to speed up production to manufacture pouches efficiently.
In the catalog, a cooling unit is seen. What does the cooling unit cool? Why does the cooler need to cool?
The basic sealing method of the pouch making machines which use laminated film is, Heat Press Seal. As film is heated, pressed and welded under high pressure vertically, sealing surface or edge crumples or shrinks. Therefore, film is cooled under high pressure with cooling plate wider than sealing with to improve pouch flatness. This measure prevents failure in filling process.
Package of coffee beans has side gusset. Does the pouch making machine make the sidewall?
The sealing in the side gusset, which is called gusset seal, makes the soft corner of film pouch secure like column when the pouch is filled.