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Head Office Tour

Creative Environment

New challenges of Totani start with an environment rich in creativity.

Totani's advanced manufacturing initiatives are supported by the people who work there. Totani believes that a building that excels in resource and energy conservation must also provide a safe, comfortable, and creative environment for the workers who work there.
Totani's liberating spaces and comfortable and safe offices and factories draw out the creativity of workers.

Creative Environment 1

The sales department and the mechanical and electrical design department were consolidated on one floor, and the production data management department was integrated. We have unified the functions of the organization.
This is an open environment where each department can listen to and respond to customer requests.

Creative Environment 2

The development and assembly plant at the headquarters is a large space, but insulation was improved from the foundation, and a front room with sheet shutters was installed between the plant and the truck yard outside, achieving high insulation performance despite the large space inside the plant.
In addition, top and high sidelights were installed to bring in outside light, maintaining a bright space and saving electricity consumption for lighting.

Creative Environment 3

The need for pouches made by pouch making machines is expanding to include pouches for food, infusion packs, and other medical supplies that require cleanliness. Although not in direct contact with the contents, Totani believes that pouch making machines should also be assembled in an environment that is as clean as possible and has a low environmental impact.
In order to maintain a comfortable environment for the development and assembly of larger pouch making machines, an air conditioning system designed based on the concept of "temperature control zoning" has been installed in the development laboratory (assembly plant) on the first floor of the head office from the perspective of resource and energy conservation.

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