About Us

Management Principle

Totani can contribute to society and create new value.

Plastic film pouches are essential to various fields from ordinary package for retort food, pet food and cleanser or shampoo refill to medical package for infusion or sterilization. Totani Corporation has been supplying plastic film pouch making machines that are useful to society and are appreciated by customers for half a century.

The activities of Totani Corporation are based on the following principles.

  • Manufacturing useful for human resources and environmental protection
  • Manufacturing is wealth creation
  • Always achieve the best performance by the original development technology. Never rely on imitation.
  • Fair corporation activities
  • Protect brand and save credibility
  • Employee is a great asset to Totani. Totani's high-priority issue is respecting employees.

In our manufacturing, improvement of life quality and contribution to environment or energy saving are always taken into consideration. And, our manufacturing motto is to create products with the top performance purchased by customers in the world. Therefore, we challenge the development of our original technology, even if it is risky. Our manufacturing motto is to always bring out new products by ourselves, not to rely on imitation and to stick to our original development technology.

At present, the critical issue in the packaging technology field is to use less resource or energy to create reusable or recyclable products. Plastic film pouches useful for environmental protection or reduction of carbon dioxide emission attract interest from society. Then, we used our original technology to develop and disseminate Box Pouch useful for resource or energy saving or reduction of environmental load.

Manufacturing is supported by human resources. I think that newly created technologies are handed down in employees. Therefore, we recognize that the high-priority issue in management strategy is to respect employees. Then, we aim to offer challenging atmosphere or fun and proud jobs to employees.

Furthermore, we must remember credibility as enterprise. Our principle is fair jobs inside or outside Totani and fair contact with partner enterprises as well as customers. Totani Corporation values credibility, not immediate benefit. Even if our products are not in the warranty period of three years when failure occurs in them, we repair or improve them without charge to protect our brand, regardless of where responsibility lies. Reduction in quality, insufficient development capability or service degradation because of pursuit of immediate benefit erases credibility or competitive strength of our brand. We can only exist with customers or partner enterprises. Therefore, we always contact customers or partner enterprises fair and honestly.

We continue to create wealth and be a company essential to society by expanding Japanese manufacturing technology from Kyoto onto the world and solving the issues in the industry of pouch and bag making machine.

Totani Corporation moves ahead toward the next five decades.

Mikio Totani
Chairman of Totani Corporation