Totaniís policy with regard to Intellectual property

  1. We constantly pursue new technologies , adopt them into our products, and accumulate them as Intellectual property rights.
  2. We respect Intellectual property rights of others.
  3. We ask you to respect our Intellectual property rights.

Example of our patent (1)

US7331917B2 「Bag making machine」

summary:bottom gusset portion is formed by folding trunk member

Points of Claim:

  • ① bottom gusset is formed by folding trunk member
  • ② trunk member is folded along the fold line
  • ③ trunk member is folded back along the fold-back line

Finished pouch

The merit of bag making machine
Implementing this patent:

●Web unit for bottom gusset is unnecessary.

The merit of the pouch manufactured by implementing this patent:

●Printing without misalignment is possible. (bottom surface~front(back)side)

Other countries’ correspondence of this patent:

・JP3655627 ・EP1541332B(Italy,Austria,Denmark,Germany,France)
・AU2003252232 ・CA2493659 ・CN:ZL03817408.1

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