Proposals from Totani

The goal of Totaniís product development is to always pursue state of the art packaging. This section introduces the proposals made by Totani.

Proposal 2: Totani proposes bags excellent in safety

Soft packaging with plastic materials excels in storage stability and durability, but unsafe bags may be made, depending on bag shape or processing accuracy. Totani develops excellent bags in not only shape and function, but also safety with its originality and ingenuity.

  • You may get injured with bag corner!
Are bags manufactured by your bag making machine safe?

Proposal 1: Totani recommends BOX POUCH®.

You may not know the name of Totani Corporation, however, the products made by Totani's pouch and bag making machines (e.g., pouch for food) are used all around us. Actually, soft packaging has been changing considerably with market needs; from convenient pouches for temporary storage, to self-standing, prominent and spill-resistant containers with high storage stability. Totani has been improving the next-generation of soft packaging and reducing production cost by developing its own technologies continuously.

Totani recommends use of the BOX POUCH®, as the unsurpassed second-generation of soft packaging.
  • Recommendation of Box Pouch 1: What are the benefits of BOX POUCH®
  • Recommendation of BOX POUCH® 2:
 Advantage of Totani's own Box Pouch seen in photos
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