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Model TD Zipper Unit (Applies to: FD-60 series)
TD Zipper Unit

TD Zipper Unit:Product Features

By using this unit, zipper tape can be added transverse to film flow direction on the FD series pouch making machine.

Standard Specifications

Bag Making Sizes & Shapes

Bag Making Sizes & Shapes
  • Pouch shape: Gusset pouch
  • W (Pouch width): 200 to 500 mm
  • L (Pouch length): Up to 300 mm (extensible)
  • G (Gusset width): 30 to 140 mm
  • S1 (Bottom seal width): 5 to 180 mm

Standard Specifications

Unit dimension/Weight Zipper unwinder: 2100 mm x 2165 mm x 1200 mm/595 Kg
Turn roller unit: 1230 mm x 981 mm x 200 mm/53 Kg
Zipper insertion unit: 2100 mm x 902 mm x 406 mm/813 Kg
Power requirements Power: 3-phase AC 200V
50/60 Hz 8kw
Compressed air: 0.6 Mpa
Maximum cycle 60 CMP
Feed length 200 to 500 mm
Maximum zipper unwind speed 45 m /min
Zipper seal length 600 mm

* Due to equipment improvement, the above-mentioned figures and appearance may be changed without notice.

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