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Model Thomson die-cut unit for side shape (Side seal) (Applies to: BH series)
Thomson die-cut unit for side shape (Side seal)



Standard Specifications

Max. film width 600mm
Pouch size Pouch width: 100mm~250mm
Pouch length: 600mm
*Square pouch making with straight Thomson blade is available.
*The pouch size is restricted by the pouch shape and lines.
Standard Die cut size 600mm (Film Width) x 75 mm (Feed Length)
*When all length of Thomson blade is over 900 mm, it will cause a failure of cutting.
*Some films will cause a failure of cutting not more than 900 mm.
Non-stop conveyor Pouch feed size: Min.100 mm ~ Max.250 mm
*If pouch feed is over 250 mm, Non-stop conveyor is available to use as a indexing conveyor.
Max. Machine Cycles 120 CPM
*This Max. Machine Cycles is theoretical value.
*Pouch making capacity depends on film material and thickness.
  1. Simultaneous use with the optional skipping device is not available.
  2. The life of Thomson blade depends on the film material.

* Due to equipment improvement, the above-mentioned figures and appearance may be changed without notice.

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