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Totani's original idea, technology and development, power change
the common sense of pouch making.

Our pouch and bag making machines use various film materials to make pouches with storage stability and heat resistance. Totani machines make high-speed, high-quality pouches, in various shapes, which can be used in a wide range of fields. Examples are, food packing bags (retort curry and tea leaves), pouches for commodities (cleanser, etc.), pet food bags and infusion bags for the medical field. On this site, you can find the shape of pouch that you would like to make, along with product number, to search for the features, advantages, standard specifications, bag dimensions and other detailed information.

Choose the shape of the pouch to be made to see the related information on the pouch and bag making machine

BOX POUCH®:High-speed BOX POUCH® making machine

BH(Box Pouch®)

Three-Side-Seal : Pouch made by joining two films and sealing three positions around pouch


Half-Fold : pouch made by folding a film in half and sealing it


Center Press-Seal : pouch made by folding a film in half and sealing its center


Side-Weld : pouch made by sealing and cutting a film


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ST-24 KP-35C


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