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Model HK-65V<Side-Weld Series>
Function High-speed, side-weld, automatic bag making machine

HK-65V : Outline

HK-65V : Product Features

  • On-board AC servo drive film feed allows for 360 CPM*, the world's highest for intermittent feed pouch making machines.
  • On-board AC servo catching unit provides outstanding bag stacking.
  • On-board AC servo motor controlled vertical movement of heat-sealers allows sealing times to be set independently of film feed.
  • Optimum stacker speed sets automatically, The dancer unit speed also adjusts automatically.
  • In-line conveyor timer needs no adjustment.
  • Heat sealers are lowered automatically on start-up and raised automatically on stopping, so no lever operation is needed. No risk of film being scorched by the thermal cutter.

The maximum cycle per minute described is verified under the certain conditions.
Actual production speed may vary depending upon materials and others.
Please consult with sales dept. for further information.

Sample Products


Bags for household requisites, etc.


Standard Specifications

Bag Making Sizes & Shapes

[ Standard Specifications ]

Half fold fusion bag making

  • W (Bag width) : 70 to 500mm
  • L (Bag length) :200 to 650mm
[ Standard Specifications ]

Double triangular plate system 2-line bag making

  • W (Bag width) : 70 to 500 mm
  • L (Bag length) : 100 to 300 mm

Gusset 1-line bag making

  • W (Bag width) : 70 to 500 mm
  • L (Bag length) : 200 to 650 mm
  • G (Gusset fold width) : 30 to 70 mm

Standard Specifications

Film OPP, CPP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, and other plastic film capable of being fusion sealed. Film thickness: 20 to 100 micron *1
Roll size Maximum width : 1400 mm, Maximum diameter : 600 mm
Roll film unwinding unit Horizontal roll film shaft, Triangular plate system, Definitive tension control system, powder brake equipment
Control system Numerical control system
Film feed mechanism Single AC servo motor drive system
(Optional extra servo available) *2
Heat-sealer vertical
movement mechanism
Single AC servo motor drive system
(With functions for setting sealing time)
Catching mechanism Single AC servo motor drive system
Bag making data
storage function
Sealing temperature, Bag making speed,
Sealing time, Sealing ratio, Film acceleration, other
Bag making capacity Maximum number of shots
(HDPE#15) : 360 CPM,
(CCP#40) : 300 CPM,
Maximum film speed : 45 m/min *3
Area for installation, Weight About 2.24 x 6.46 m *4 / About 2,500 kg
Optional equipment
  • 2-stage roll film racking unit
  • Double triangular plate unit
  • 2-line unit
  • Coreless Trim Winder
  • 202 tape racking unit
  • Gusset unit
  • 101 tape application unit
  • Lip unit
  • Punch Equipment (various)
  • Hot melt unit
  • V seal unit
  • Ultrasonic equipment (various)
*1 Film making capacity depends on thickness and type of film.
*2 Equipment settings by display and simple keyboard entry.
Printing mark detection by mark sensor.
*3 Bag making capacity depends on film material and thickness. Number of shots and film speed are calculated separately and are not related.
*4 Allow extra space for maintenance and operating.
** The options mentioned above are sold separately and not included as standard equipment.
** Options in addition to those mentioned above can be designed and manufactured to suit customer needs. Please consult us without obligation.

* Due to equipment improvement, the above-mentioned figures and appearance may be changed without notice.

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